• 8 Ways To Live A More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Lifestyle

    8 Ways To Live A More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Lifestyle

    We are all creatures of habit and even though we have the best intentions of living a healthier lifestyle or trying to live more eco friendly, it can be challenging at times. Here's a list we put together to help you in small and easy ways to start living a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.



    1. Dryer Balls- My mom got me hooked on dryer balls quite some time ago and I have to say they are a staple in the house. Not only do dryer balls eliminate waste and are reusable, they are also better for you. They are made up of 100% wool and actually dry your clothes faster. Some sources say dryer sheets have toxic ingredients and have wax on them which can irritate your skin and can also affect people who have asthma or respiratory concerns. I use the ones from Norwex, but if you don’t know a rep. here is a link to find them at Target!


    1. Eco-Friendly Straws- We all have been hearing the buzz lately around plastic straws and we agree, save the turtles! If you are someone that likes using straws with your beverage of choice, try reusable metal straws instead!


    1. Solid Skin and Haircare Products- Okay, we may be a little bias but this is a great way to eliminate a lot of single use plastic! Solid shampoo/conditioner bars, lotion bars and soaps are both eco and travel friendly, a two-fer! You can find them at ;) 


    1. Re-usable Water Bottles- I will admit, I used to be a big bottled water fan. I always have to have water near me at all times, it’s a comfort thing. After being aware of all the plastic consumption and ocean pollution out there I wanted to make a change and be more mindful of how much plastic I was using and throwing away. By using a re-usable water bottle you can help with eliminating plastic bottles. According to one source, about 20,000 bottles are bought every second. Add that up and you get 28,800,000 in ONE day. On the go? Try boxed or canned water! You can find this Contigo Autoseal Chill Stainless Steel water bottle at Target.


    1. Grocery Totes- What to do with ALL those bags?! If you’re anything like me you have a whole cupboard, drawer, closet, etc. just for storing bags! To help eliminate your growing bag collection and to help with plastic pollution, try bringing your own grocery tote! Most of the time you can find reusable grocery bags at your local supermarket.


    1. Re-purpose Old Items Around The House- Instead of throwing something away, see if there is another way to get a couple more uses out of it. Old furniture for example can be glammed up by a coat of paint and new hardware. Have an old chair? Spruce it up by reupholstering it. Use old tins or plastic containers for storing your nick-knacks. Not your thing and don’t have the creative touch? Re-sell it at a thrift store or donate it to your local shelter.


    1. Reusable Gift Wrap, Bags and Boxes- We all get loads of wrapping paper, bags, boxes, etc. around the holidays. Instead of throwing in the trash, store in a drawer or closet for the next time you need to give a gift!




    1. Bamboo Products- Toilet paper, toothbrushes, on-the-go-untensils are just a few products that can be made from bamboo. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource and takes only about five years to grow to it’s maturity. Instead of being uprooted like other hardwoods, it is cut at the base of the stalk which will later regrow; reducing deforestation. Not only is it a great renewable resource, it also helps to fight air pollution, awesome!


    Even though there are other ways and things to do, these are just some easy ones to get started! 




  • Not all Sulfates are Created Equal

    Not all Sulfates are Created Equal

    You may have heard bad things about sulfates and are told to stay away from them. We are here to spread awareness and share with you that not ALL sulfates are created equal (aka - they're not all the exact same). First off, let's start out by explaining what sulfates are and why they are put into lots of personal care products. Sulfates are detergents made of sulfur-containing mineral salts. The most common are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). They are good at dissolving grease and grime, which is why we often get that “squeaky clean” feel afterwards. There are a lot of harsh variations out there making them known as “aggressive” detergents. 

    Our shampoo bars are different because they are made with sodium coco sulfate (SCS), a natural cleanser from coconut oil. So what’s the big difference you ask?!

    Sodium lauryl sulfate is lab altered causing it to have a lower ph, which strips natural oils from your hair and skin. This sulfate version is very common and is used in many floor cleaners, detergents, shampoos and conditioners. Harsh sulfates can sometimes cause reactions; redness, itchiness, and overall poor scalp conditions. This can sometimes lead to dry skin, hair loss, and hair breakage from dry and brittle hair.

    We love sodium coco Sulfate (SCS) because we believe it's more gentle on the hair and skin. SCS is derived from coconut and left in its natural state which contains fatty acids that our hair and skin need. Our coco sulfate shampoo bars are highly concentrated, giving you a rich lather and are even safe for most chemically treated hair. SCS has a more complex molecular structure which has a much greater molecular mass than that of SLS. This can prevent it from penetrating the epidermis and not allowing it to reach the living cells under the skins surface, which is why it can be less irritating than other sulfates. 

    So there you have it…our short version of why we love SCS! We know the name “Sulfate” has a bad rap, but just know not all sulfates are the exact same! <3 

    Love always,

    Amber & Dyana 

  • Shampoo & Conditioner Bars... Why? What's the Big Deal?!

    Shampoo & Conditioner Bars... Why? What's the Big Deal?!
    A lot of you are probably wondering WHY? What’s the point? Why switch from what I’m already using? What’s so great about them? Honestly, these are all valid questions and we had them too! 
  • My "Cannot Live Without"... aka MUST-Have Products

    My "Cannot Live Without"... aka MUST-Have Products
     Since I’ve started this business, many people have asked me, “what are your favorite products?!” While I believe in all the products we carry, I do have some “tried & true” must-have favorites.
     In fact, these were some of the first products I tried that motivated me to start this business. As it was really hard to decide which items were my favorite, this blog post was becoming quite lengthy... so I decided to keep it simple & narrow it down to my top three! 
    So... without further ado, here’s my list of favorites & why:
    Sea Salt Soap
    I’ve always struggled with sensitive skin. In the winter I was plagued with patches of eczema, and in the summer I struggled with acne. After doing some research on what may help, I came across sea salt soap. I’m not going to lie, I thought to myself, “probably won’t work, it can’t be that simple.” Well, I must say, It was that simple.
    Sea salt helps balance the PH levels in my skin. While not drying out my skin, it also didn’t clog my pores. As an added bonus, when I use it to shave my legs, my skin always feels SO soft afterward. I also use it on my face. It makes my skin glow, shrinks my pores & helps prevent acne. I was shocked that after trying SO many expensive, and complicated alternatives... all I needed was a simple product to help my skin issues... who would have known?!
    Today, my face wash, body wash, and shaving cream have been replaced by ONE simple $10 soap... the original Sea Salt Soap. A classic example of going “back to the basics.” After my sea salt discovery... naturally, I thought, “what other simple alternatives are out there?!”
    Shampoo & Conditioner Bars 
    What a weird concept... Shampoo and conditioner bars?! Again, I was a skeptic when trying these bars for the first time.
    I used to have chronically dry, dull hair... in fact, my hair stylist always had to use a special treatment on my hair to prevent breakages & create shine! The first photo on this blog is a picture of myself today. I wanted to show you how well these magical bars work. I washed my hair last night with the Namaste bars (yes, I slept on my hair). As you can see, it’s shiny and smooth this morning! No gloss product, no extra oils or hairspray, and no straightener needed. No gimmicks, and no photo enhancements. 
    The “Tangello” shampoo and conditioner bars were my first love (I still love this duo, a close #2 pick within our Shampoo and conditioner collection). I was shocked at how well it lathered, and how it left my hair feeling so soft & clean! After I tried them, I passed them along to my husband, who reluctantly tested out MANY different products in the process of creating this business (bless his soul)! He RAVED about these bars... at that point, I knew we were onto something. The “Tangello” name was actually inspired by my husband’s nickname, “Gel” given to him by his friends... but that’s a whole different story! He loves these bars and refuses to use anything different now. He travels a lot for work, mostly with a carry on bag. He loves the ease of travel with these bars & the smell of course!
    Today, my #1 favorite shampoo and conditioner bar is the “Namaste Shiny” duo. The key ingredient is Moroccan Oil... it’s unbelievable how it leaves my hair shiny, soft and tamed my frizz! 
    Argan Oil 
    When I set out to create a full line of products, the intention was to create all solid based, “naked” products with no bottles. Well, I decided to make ONE exception to this rule... Hence, our Argan Oil, which was too good not to have on our website! The good news is it’s in a glass bottle which can still be recycled! :)
    This product is our one of the purest, as it contains mostly premium Moroccan oil, with a very subtle scent. If you have dry skin like I do, this product is the KEY to moisture! Argan oil is “dryer” than most oils, so it doesn’t leave oily looking residue on your skin. This is why I love using it on my face before I put my make up on. Not only do I use it on my face, but I use it all over! I don’t have to re-apply all day as the moisture stays intact for a long time.
    Here are some of the random uses of this magical oil: It works great on chapped lips, helps strengthen nails when applied to cuticles, and a small amount used at the ends of your hair will help split ends! The list goes on... I bring this handy oil with me everywhere! It’s a small bottle and travels well as an added bonus...
    There you have it, my absolute must-have items in our line of products! Don’t get me wrong, I use all our products depending on my skin’s needs, but these are my personal “staple” items I use every day!
    I must admit, I used to have a daily regiment of 10 different bottles of products... no joke. Now I rely on 4 key products: sea salt soap, shampoo & conditioner bars, and my Argan Oil... that’s it! I can’t believe it was that simple, but my skin & hair is the happiest it’s ever been! 
    Simply & do yourself a solid. 
    Love always,