• Mother's Day 2018 - A Trip to the Farm

    Mother's Day 2018 - A Trip to the Farm
    Recently I decided to take a trip to Factoryville, PA to visit my grandmother and my mom who's been living there temporarily to help my grandma. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know my grandma in my adult age, she's one tough, resilient, and humorous lady, and I admire her for that.
    My mom is one of the kindest hearted people I've ever known. She would do anything for the people that she loves the most. She has a tender soul (much like myself) but can be tough when she needs to be! I admire her for these qualities. 
    My mom & I spending some time together
    While I was there, I brought some samples from Pink Maverick Co. My mom has been wanting to try it out, as she has sensitive skin & loved the idea of natural products. She has dry skin and needs something with moisturizing ingredients. Naturally, I gave her the Argan oil, olive oil soap & sea salt soap to try. Our olive oil soap is so moisturizing, you can feel it while you're using it. I like to use it on my face and body, as it's a natural anti-ager. The sea salt soap does so many wonderful things for your skin, I knew my mom & grandma would love this one... It works GREAT to shave with and leaves your skin feeling soft afterward. It helps combat skin irritations, like eczema and body acne. The sea salt also tightens your skin & gives it a healthy looking "glow." I like to use this one on my body and face. Overall, my mom's #1 favorite product is the Argan oil. For her, it's a "must-have." She loves how easy it is to apply & the natural moisture it provides.
    One of the many beautiful trees on my Grandma's property
    As we talked more about the advantages of zero-waste packaging, my mom & grandma brought up a point that I hadn't thought of... aside from being eco-friendly, there are no difficult lids to open! As my grandmother ages, it can be difficult to open stubborn shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles. The ease of simple bar products was going to make shower time much easier for her. For this reason, my grandmother's #1 favorite product is the shampoo and conditioner bars. She loves that it works better than her liquid shampoo AND it's much easier to use.
    Thanks for testing out my new products Mom & Grandma! Better yet, thanks for letting me come visit for a few days. These visits are priceless and so special. I'm so lucky to have women role models who taught me how to be kind, and independent. Love you both so much!
    As I've been on 16 plane rides and visited 6 amazing places since the beginning of 2018, I can officially vouch for the ease of throwing my small shampoo bar, conditioner bar, and soaps into a suitcase and go! I love to pack as many clothing options as I can, so the fact that it's space effective is important. Better yet, I can put it all in my carry on bag... no bag checking, no liquids? Yes, please! 
    Love always, Dyana
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    • Margy Cottingham says...

      We lived your visit and all the wonderful Pink Maverick products you brought for us to try! XO

      April 09, 2019

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