About Us

Hi, I'm Dyana!
A few years ago, after dealing with bouts of anxiety & stress, I was forced to acknowledge what was happening to me & find healthy ways to control my stress. Being an entrepreneur, who is constantly seeking perfection, I've been learning new ways to grow & keep a healthy work-life balance.
During my journey over the past few years, I grew to love natural products and salts, as I found they had a positive impact on my stress levels, and my overall mood. I personally believe that the products we use on our bodies, and foods we consume have a big impact on our emotions.
As I continued to try more natural products, it quickly became a part of my everyday routine. Better yet, the concept of products that are eco-friendly, that don't create non-recyclable waste gave me something new to feel good about. As an added bonus, our products are also travel-friendly too!
This past year it has become my mission to create and share this product with you. From my personal experience, I really think you're going to love not having to sacrifice quality, while still being environmentally conscious.  
Thank you so much for your support on this journey, it is genuinely appreciated.
Love always,

Hi, I’m Amber!

I became interested in the beauty world at a young age. I started cosmetology school upon high school graduation and worked for a while in a salon. During my time there I realized I had a passion for skincare and proceeded to further my education to become a licensed esthetician. After a few years of being an esthetician, I felt something was missing and my heart was pulling me towards a more entrepreneurial career…starting a business has always been a dream and passion of mine. 

In the last couple of years, I started finding a new love for natural skincare and wanting to use products that had less and more simple ingredients in them. I suffer from sensitive and acne prone skin and have to be very cautious about what I use. Products that had long names and endless amounts of ingredients made me nervous to use because I thought “oh great, just another ingredient that will make me break out”. At the same time, I wanted to make sure that I was using quality ingredients that actually worked!

I started to do some research and tried to make my own products and soon realized it was harder than I had thought!  At this same time, Dyana had a similar idea of starting her own business with solid shampoo and conditioner bars. When she came to me wanting to collaborate and work together I was over the moon. I am so excited to be a part of such an incredible opportunity and ability to share this journey with all of you! I hope you will love these unique and quality products as much as I do!